lectures + dates

the consequence of infinite endings (2005)

A lecture-performance that plays with and questions the implications of this movement as a specific aesthetic strategy.Building on selected scenes from film, art and performance, the lecture-performance will navigate along the narrow margin between critical reflection and emotional engagement. In touching on the philosophical as well as on the technical aspects, it enables us to encounter these notions of the Sublime and to question their relevance for us on a personal level and in the context of our culture.

lecture David Weber-Krebs
dramaturgical advice Jan-Phillipp Possmann

a Gasthuis and Plateaux, Mousonturm co-production in collaboration with Unfriendly Takeover.

17 march – plateaux, mousonturm, frankfurt/main
25, 26 march – gasthuis, amsterdam
25, 26 august – sophiensaele, amsterdam

12 november – panorama, rio de janeiro, brazil


10, 11 january – teatro joao paulo II, teresina, brazil

* * * * *

erschauern/begreifen (2008 )

a lecture-performance by Jan-Philipp Possmann and David Weber-Krebs
commisioned by and presented at Wunder der Prairie – zeitraum_exit Mannheim, 14.09.2008

Enjoying art can be an ambivalent experience. Often we get carried away by works of art by whose influence we fear or reject. This experience arises from the politics of communication. Artistic practice should not stop to question our political and aesthetic convictions. Art is created by the encounter with already existing works of art and artistic practices. As observers and objects of their lecture, the speakers explore their own uncertainty when encountering works of art history.

Supported by Gasthuis-Frascati and Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and LISA

* * * *

catalog of encounters

– an evening of discussion and presentations

January 22. 2009, 19h, Frascati 3, Amsterdam/NL

As artists and researchers alike, Weber-Krebs and Possmann discuss their project with the audience and fellow artists and scholars who engage in new forms of artistic research and art analysis.
Names of additional guests to be announced.

* * * *

Performance (2009)

– an intervention at Something Raw Festival

February 28. 2009, Frascati, Amsterda/NL

What is it with the spectacular? To find out, we went back to a historic period in modern art, that was seemingly defined by an unparalleled will to be anything but spectacular: the minimalism of the 1960s. Of course, doing little can be quite unspectacular, but doing very little is again most spectacular. And it was. So how, we asked ourselves, is something unspectacular turned into something spectacular? Is it the thought, the speculation, or is it the sight, the spectacle?

We will create a spectacle and a speculation by telling the true story of how the American artist Robert Morris broke his nose in 1963.

Performance is a commission of the Something Raw festival 2009 for the theme day “in search for contemporary spectacle”.

* * * *

inside the black cube (2009)

Tijdens Themadag 6 februari 2010

In 1967 the art critic Michael Fried made the “strongly disquieting experience of coming upon a literal object”. Fried unexpectedly entered into a theater, the theater of objecthood. The object was one of several black cubes of perfectly symmetrical proportions that appeared on the art scene like alien timeless travellers of our cultural history: From the Egyptian tempel of Leto across the muslim Kaaba to Tony Smith’s sculpture Die from 1962. This lecture performance is an effort in tracing the dialectics of these peculiar apparitions and making the encounter with one of them immediate. „These works are black and they might also be evil minded.“ (Tony Smith 1966)

Inside the Black Cube was developed withz support by and first presented at zeitraumexit, Mannheim, October 2009.

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